Philatelic Cover

What is a Philatelic Cover?

A philatelic cover is an envelope prepared by affixing the postage stamps (or sometimes the franking machine mark), address written, postage stamps defaced neatly with clear postmarks and mailed from a post-office to go through a postal system to reach its recipient anywhere around the world.

In the early times, when paper envelopes were not developed, people would wrap their letters in a separate clean sheet of paper and they would fold everything together and seal it with some kind of a sealing wax or adhesive to secure their letters. On that wrapped sheet of paper the sender would write the recipient’s name and address and paste the postage-stamps required by the post-office to deliver their letters.

A simple ordinary looking cover to most people, but for a cover collector the postmarks, the location of the post-office, label, stickers, postage stamps, date of posting, slogans etc. or any additions to the cover during its journey to its destination makes it more interesting and collection worthy.

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